Assist. Prof. Dr. Sikarin Yoo-Kong
Assistant Professor in Mathematical Physics / Integrable Systems & Team Leader
“I am interested to understand how the nature works through the mathematics point of view. Working with logically mathematical arguments, it could open doors to explore the physical phenomena in the way that we never imagined before.”
Ekapong Hirunsirisawat
Lecturer in Theoretical Physics / Quantum Field Theory & Cosmology
Watchara Liewrian
Lecturer in Theoretical and Computational Condensed Matter Physics
“I am interested in theoretical and numerical modeling of electronics and spintronic properties in graphene-like material. These graphene-based spintronic devices will open up new ways for creating a new generation of electronic devices which are smaller, faster and consumes less electric power. The spin filtering is a key issue for spintronic applications.”
Monsit Tanasitikosol
Lecturer in Theoretical Physics and Physics Education
Teeraphan Laomettachit
Assistant Professor in Applied Mathematics and Computational Biology
Apiwat Wisitsorasak
Lecturer in Computational Condensed Matter Physics and Plasma Physics
Teerasit Termsaithong
Lecturer in Applied Mathematics and Econophysics
Thana Sutthibutpong
Lecturer in Computational Molecular Biophysics
“I am interested in how the molecular structures of bio-molecules, like proteins or DNA, can be brought to life by adding up temperature and physical laws describing molecular interactions. Computational methods were used to simulate, visualize, and analyze the data related to thermodynamic properties of the systems, such as, thermostability of enzymes used in food industries, binding energy of between proteins and other molecules.”
Tanapat Deesuwan
Lecturer in Theoretical Quantum Information / Quantum Thermodynamics
Suwat Tangwancharoen
Lecturer in Computational and Experimental Nuclear Physics