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Stochastic Model of non-Linear Systems

Critical Phenomena


Neural Network Model

1- Teerasit Termsaithong and Kazuyuki Aihara, 2013, Dynamical correlation patterns and corresponding community structure in neural spontaneous activity at criticality. Cognitive neurodynamics, 7(5), pp.381-393.2013Teerasit Termsaithong
2- Teerasit Termsaithong, Makito Oku and Kazuyuki Aihara, 2012, Dynamical coherence patterns in neural field model at criticality. Artificial Life and Robotics, 17(1), pp.75-79.2012Teerasit Termsaithong

DoctoralMSc (Information Sci & Tech)University of Tokyo (Japan)2012
MasterMSc (Information Sci & Tech)University of Tokyo (Japan)2009
BachelorBSc (Physics) Chulalonkorn University (Thailand)2005